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Premium Position
Premium Position
Premium Position

Premium Positions are limited Advertising space. They are subscribed in RSVP and first come first basis.


Premium Positions are classified as follows​:

1. Premium Position - Back Cover ( 1 )

2. Premium Position - Inside Front Cover ( 1 )

3. Premium Position - Facing Inside Front  Cover ( 1 )
4. Premium Position - Inside Back Cover ( 1 )
5. Premium Position - Facing Inside Back Cover  ( 1 )
6. Premium Position - Book Marker ( 2 )
7. Premium Position - Section Divider ( 10 )

All the Premium positions are in high demand as they are given maximum exposure not only in the Directory (as hard copy) but also in our Webstore / website and value-added links.


The Outside Back Cover and two Book Marks are the most sought-after positions as it is almost 100% certain that all readers / users of the Directory will see the products/services or branding on the Advertisement (back cover and bookmarks).  These three prime positions will also be on display on a rotation basis at the Top Banner of our webstore/website.


All other Premium Positions such as the Inside and Facing Front Cover, Inside and Facing Back Cover and ten (10) Section Dividers are also in high demand because of their strategic positions and limited availability.

The Section Dividers, which are printed on art card , has an additional die-cut design for easy reference to the different Sections they represent.  In addition, their Logos and sponsorships are also highlighted on the reverse of the page (together with Contents for that Section).


Samples of all Premium Positions will be featured on a rotation basis in webstore/website.  The webstore/website will be greatly promoted to bring more traffic / visits to the site and to the advertisers.


Many of the Premium Positions are already booked and urgent confirmation is highly recommended to guarantee your Position.


Act Now to avoid disappointment!


All Premium Advertisers who confirm early will be given Complimentary Value-added Products as shown below:

  x2 New/Major Products & Services with Write-up:  RM3,400 (RM1,700x2)
 Listing: RM500 – RM650
♦ Between 8-20 copies of Directory: RM960 - RM2,400 (RM120x8)-(RM120x20)

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