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Customized Position
Customized Position
Customized Position

The Customized Position is offering 3 types of Advertisement as follows:


1. 2 Full Page AD with Write-up RM8,400.00

2. 3 Full Page AD with Write-up : RM11,700.00

3. New/Major Products & Services : RM1,700.00 (1/4 page per write-up)

The 2 Full Page ADs with Write-up are considered our Best Sellers and highly popular. The colour Advertisements gives an opportunity to the Advertiser to highlight its products and services and enhance branding over a two year period at an affordable rate.


Those who would like to increase their exposure or has multiple products to promote will usually go for the double page ADs (2-page ADs) at an immediate discounted rate of about 15%.


The good news is that there are many Best Seller positions available NOW! All Advertisers who confirm early will be entitled to Complimentary Value-added Products (see below).


The special 3 Full Page ADs with Write-up offers additional advertising space to highlight all your key products and services. This package is available to those with higher budget for promotion, but getting it at a nearly 20% discount from standard rate. 


New/Major Products & Services : RM1,700 (1/4 page per write-up)


The New/Major Products & Services category are your opportunity to promote your products and services in this Publication and on its Webstore/Website even if you have limited budget.  In addition, your company will also be promoted in the Listing (with Logo) category without additional cost.

Complimentary Value-added Products

a) 2 Full Page AD with Write-up
- x2 New/Major Products & Services with Write-up (RM1,700x2 = RM3,400)
     - Listing: RM500 – RM650
     - 10 copies of Directory (RM120x10 = RM1,200)


b) 3 Full Page AD with Write-up:
      - x2 New/Major Products & Services with Write-up (RM1,700x2 = RM3,400)
      - Listing : RM500 – RM650
      - 20 copies Directory (RM120x20 = RM2,400)


c) New/Major Products & Services:
 - Listing : RM500
       - 3 copies Directory (RM120x3 = RM360)


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